Outdoor Living

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Ed & Betty Khulman

Grilling on the deck or patio has become an American institution.  But the days of a wobbly, metal can on spindly legs holding a pile of briquettes that refuse to light have given way to something much better: the outdoor kitchen.

Our patios and decks have become like additional rooms on our homes, and much like our indoor kitchens, these are the comfortable places that people want to congregate.  When you have a custom designed outdoor kitchen with granite countertops, your space is even more inviting.

At Colonial Granite Works, we are experts at designing attractive and functional cooking and entertaining spaces.  Our designs can incorporate the features every grill chef is dying for: the built-in grill, the stainless steel sink, the refrigerator, plus plenty of storage.  And for entertaining, bar-height seating and even outdoor fireplaces and fire pits.

Granite countertops are not only practical for your outdoor kitchen, because they are durable and handle all types of weather well, but they are also beautiful and natural, to complement your outdoor surroundings and landscaping.

Get the most out of your yard with a custom outdoor kitchen by Colonial Granite Works.  Come in to our gallery and showroom, and let us help you design the perfect outdoor living space.